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Evergreen Ice Melt
2022-2023 Contest

Pricing for Tickets Bought in These Quantities:

Tickets Cost
1 $3.00
2 $5.00
5 $10.00
11 $20.00
67* $100.00

* For ticket sales greater than 11 please contact us at: (720) 655-1946 or mfrotary0@gmail.com.

Please go to our ticket info page or contest rules page for more information.

Mountain Foothills Rotary

Welcome to Ice Melt's Online Ticketing System!

Our online purchasing system will allow you to buy tickets in any quantity up to 11 tickets. If you're interested in purchasing more than 11 tickets please contact us directly at (720) 655-1946 or mfrotary0@gmail.com.

To buy tickets online we will need to collect your name, email, phone number and the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

How to Purchase Online:

Step 1: Enter in your Contact Information.

Step 2: Enter in your dates, times, and temperatures.

Step 3: Purchase Tickets through PayPal.

Note: Only tickets that have been paid in full will be entered as part of the contest. Saving your times will not guarantee contest entry until payment is received.

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