I.C. Elk

About I.C. Elk

What's the Story Behind the Evergreen Ice Melt Mascot I.C. Elk...?

Anyone who lives in or visits Evergreen Colorado often will encounter the local herds of elk along Highways 74 & 73. Since elk are the "unofficial" ambassadors for Evergreen it was only fitting to have an elk as our contest mascot.

Duing the early days of the contest Evergreen Parks & Recreation District's graphic designer and local artist Carol Bain created our cartoon mascot I.C. Elk.

Why the Name I.C.?

The name I.C. is a play on words - both "I See" and "Icy". I.C. has also been known affectionately known as the "Barrel Meister" for our contest. The Rotay Chairperson who leads the annual contest is also known as the "Yeti".

If you have an interesting Evergreen elk or Ice Melt story please submit it to us at mfrotary0@gmail.com. We'd love to hear your stories!

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