Sponsorship Info

Promotional Advertising

Sponsors will be listed (gold or higher level sponsors with company logo) in regional advertisement in the Canyon Courier and Colorado Serenity.

Press Releases

Sponsors will be recognized in Evergreen Ice Melt news announcements to appear in regional publications. A minimum of three news releases are scheduled for distribution.

Website Recognition

Sponsors are highlighted on the official Evergreen Ice Melt website with sponsors’ logos posted. These lead sponsor companies also will be directly linked from the Evergreen Ice Melt site to their business website.

Photo Op on Evergreen Lake

Sponsors will receive a special invitation to join the leadership of Mountain Foothills Rotary Club at a photo op on Evergreen Lake at the site of the barrel drop. Media will be invited to attend and to report on the winners of the Ice Melt contest.

If you're interested in sponsoring this year's Ice Melt event please contact us below for more information.

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